There are times when life surprises you, like being given a chance to see things in a different perspective. It provides you with a better view of how things are and makes you value them when they used to be trivial and unimportant. Just like this place… when I first came to Sydney, I would walk by this path from my temporary housing to UTS everyday. By the time I reach this area, I would be panting and catching my breath. So I didn’t bother looking at my surroundings, well except for that uniquely-designed building which the world knows about. It is impossible to go unnoticed. But the park, i wouldn’t even stop by… now, being able to have a top view, made me appreciate how creatively everything is put into place. The trees are just so lovely as they blend with the modernity of the buildings. Everything has its place and meaning. Life can be boring and routinely… you just keep living and you’d notice you are missing so much already. Take courage to find meaning in what you do and tweak it a little bit to make it more exciting to live and be alive again! Or just maybe, take a look at the life you live right now and see it in a different perspective.. discover how you can be more relevant, more daunting, more of you.. and less of what others want you to be. Live the life you truly deserve. After all we only live once… and it is your life. It sometimes take a top view (whichever angle)to realize that. #morningthoughts #wonder @ Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia.

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