Self Care… insta photoblog

I have always been fond of taking random photos. Then almost immediately I would find myself thinking of appropriate quotes. I am sharing with you some of the most liked photoblogs in my FB page. May you find inspiration and zest to live life to the fullest.

WHAT IS IN HERE? This set of photoblog is focused on self care and the importance of acknowledging that no matter how hard we try to be brave… we will have moments when life weighs us down. We may have struggles right now but nothing is permanent. Life goes on. Let us not waste every moment of it by sulking on the negativity or worrying on things we cannot control. Easy as it may sound but I know how difficult it is to live a life of no worries. It is impossible! Problems, challenges, and hardships are part of life they say. If they are as normal as breathing then, by all means breathe and never give up. Find professional help if you believe what you are feeling is overwhelming and situations are getting out of hand. Never ever think you are alone… there will always be help. Remember that!

There are also times when we feel guilty of so many things which make us feel less of ourselves. Let me tell you… at some point in our lives we may feel bad about ourselves and think we are inadequate. It is fine to imperfect and be just who you are. People are quick to judge, yes! but let not what they think and say about you be the ultimate truth. You know you are far better than what they see about you. You might even committed some faults along the journey of life and yes it sometimes sucks, especially if you begin to hurt the ones you most love or worst even yourself. We all have our own poison and favourite mistakes… we try hard to avoid them or find band aid remedies (temporary) but human as we are, we fail and give up. You may feel so down right now… acknowledge that but do not dwell on this feeling. Life is short to be spent on being sorry for yourself and others. Accept the mistake. Be Sorry. Make up for it if necessary. Commit not of doing the same. If the people whom you have wronged accept you then be grateful, if they don’t despite your efforts to make amends then it is time to move on. Find spiritual guidance for it may take a Higher Being or cosmic forces to overcome everything you have been through. But BELIEVE you can… and you will.

Drop me a message if you feel like something has touched your innermost thoughts and feeling or you just feel like reaching out. #relatable

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