heart matters… insta photoblog

I have always been fond of taking random photos. Then almost immediately I would find myself thinking of appropriate quotes. I am sharing with you some of the most liked photoblogs in my FB page. May you find inspiration and zest to live life to the fullest.

So much have been said and written about matters of the heart. I for one would find myself reading or writing about it. Some I publish via my social media accounts but most often they are just for my own consumption written in my personal journal. I still find writing on paper enjoyable and more reflective. Now what really matters… dear heart?

Since I have started blogging, I discovered that people tend to be more interested on topics about love and the painful experiences about it. Intriguingly, the most viewed and liked posts are the ones about pain, hurt, and anger. While I cringe at this fact, (figures don’t lie). I find myself posting more of this type too. There are times when people would assume that I might be going through some love crisis myself. Well to be honest there are instances when my posts would have more depth because I am undeniably in pain as well. Blogging is a good way to cope with my own hurt and brokenness. It keeps my heart in better shape despite the pain it is going through… because the heart matters.

But what truly matters?

Should the heart matter? Is it the heart that matters?

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