The Rebirth

I am not born to be a writer… but I have always wanted to be one. In several occasions I would attempt to write my thoughts down ever since I was in grade school but never had any of them published for the fear that I’m not good enough to be a writer. Now,  I’ve come to realise, that it doesn’t matter how technically and grammatically correct or incorrect my writings are, what matters most are the feelings and the thoughts which I freely express about certain issues, things and situations. This will be the perfect opportunity to simply be ME!!! My thoughts are absolutely imperfect… but given the chance to express it is positively awesome. This is like a rebirth… a renaissance of my journal writing.

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Here I intend to share my innermost thoughts and intimate feelings about almost anything. Reactions, comments and suggestions are welcome and so as questions. For it is in this exchange of thoughts and insights that we grow and appreciate the fact about, life that it is both bitter and sweet. My views may be childish at one point and may even be traditional. In some instances they may be liberated and modern. The important thing is I know my values and I’m totally aware of the responsibility that goes with this blogging.

Love me or hate me… this is my blog. Welcome.

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