What is there to remember?

Hmmm… well the day was rather ordinary. Except when these young bunch of people interrupted my quite boring Saturday Sked. I’d say boring because after having the National Achievement Test review in the morning, I would usually be in a classroom attending my postgraduate class (you know the usual reporting/lecture type). I mean I like to be in school but then because of the very stressful activities that I’ve had for the past weeks, the least thing that I wanted to do was to sit down and listen to a highly cerebral discussion or should I say reporting. Huh!

Anyways, I promised these kids that I will treat them out for making the Teachers’ Appreciation Day this year as the best one and exciting so far. My idea of fun was to have lunch with them and that’s it. Little did I know that they have other things in mind. To my surprise, I ended up singing my heart out loud the song “Crazy for You” at a Videoke slot machine. That song! hahaha… I would normally sing this song emotionally but not in front of my students. I felt like my blood was rushing into my face because of shame. Then, I told them that I need to leave because I have a class but just as I was about to go, I found myself riding a tricycle to Embarcadero (a place with a seascape) with chips and soda with this funny bunch. The sound of the splashing water was truly therapeutic. The fresh air was just so calming… just what I needed that day. I even got a bonus. We had endless laughter. Listening to their stories and exchanging thoughts (on money matters like the “Piso and Singko”), which was indeed a good one. hahaha… There were also light moments when we talked about their crushes in school, their family and the pressure of pursuing a college degree. Those moments had me too. I had flashback about my own younger years. I sighed. I’m happy that I had the time of my life. I have no regrets. Life has been good.

indeed… it was a day to remember.

I’m glad I skipped school that day. Honestly, it was the first time I ever did that. I have always been the goody-two-shoes. hahaha It was just the right kind of fun which I was looking for. I’m delighted I spent it with Rik, Wilfredo, Earl, Ella, Jake, Bianca and Daniela. To you all… thank you.


I have been so damn preoccupied by a lot of things lately that I have forgotten how to live life. I would often look for complicated ways to be happy. I have the tendency to overthink and rationalise everything. “Wasting time” just doing some simple crazy stuff can make me happy and I don’t have to engage myself in intellectual debates or arguments just so I can prove my point and I don’t have to find reasons to be with people all the time. Spontaneity is good sometimes. Simple things can be perfect too. These young people taught me basic lessons in life like to live, laugh and love.

See you in 10 years… wink* wink* 🙂

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